Monday, 21 January 2013



Welcome to leavethechickens

This is my version of what happens when you decide to stop shopping in supermarkets. Kieron, my housemate, and myself went to a meeting to protest about our local Asda throwing it's weight about. Kieron suggested "Lets not shop in supermarkets any more", and I said "Yes".

That was Saturday morning. On Sunday afternoon I was walking back into the house. I had been rowing all morning and surfing in the afternoon, in the freezing cold, all on a bowl of porridge for breakfast. I was very hungry, and as I was approaching the back door, my brain started a quick summary of what was in the fridge and cupboards - not much. As I realized the supermarkets were out of bounds, that they were the only places open on a Sunday, and that I was going to have to seriously change my shopping habits, I prayed "I hope I don't end up eating the chickens".

Delilah, Matilda and Princess, are three 'layers' I keep in the garden. They lay about 2.8 eggs per day between them. When I pick them up, they have no meat on them, and I am fairly attached to them. Eating them would be disastrous. It would mean, amongst other things too dark to mention here, that I had failed to train myself away from depending on supermarkets.

Please keep an eye on this, see what I discover about local shops, butchers, green grocers, country stores, road side vendors, foraging, farmers, all the other people in my community, and most importantly of all, keep an eye on Delilah, Matilda and Princess.

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