Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I got my oats

Yesterday, I cycle from Penryn to Redruth to get to work, and come home HUNGRY, dreaming of chocolate in much the same way I imagine Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dreamed of chocolate before he went to the factory . 

Kieron and I had formulated a plan Sunday to get food for Monday night. He would buy the meat, I was responsible for the vegetables. Back from work and HUNGRY, I set off into Penryn to find somewhere that sold vegetables, and porridge oats. Bought the veggies. Stopped off at EARTH & WATER at the top of Broad Street, magic! in between the lentils.... porridge oats. 

Kieron had found a butcher in Hayle, massive pork chops, great price. Me and my vegetables all in at £6.58 not including the oats. We are not talking about how much I spent, but I will say this, the apples are a lot nicer than the supermarket Braeburns, and what can you do HUNGRY, if the prices are a little on the high side? Any way the porridge this morning was lovely.. 

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